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Post  DannyBoi on Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:56 am

Full Name: Daan Antonius Bos

Name you wish to be called: Danny

In Game Name: Currently GamePlan

Location: Netherlands, Europe

TimeZone: European Time (if you live in Florida, America its a 6 hour time difference)
Playing Times: Mostly after school, mostly all day when I dont have to either study or anything or when I dont have other plans.

Join Date: 03/12/2011,

Join date on forums: 19/12/2011

Experience: Dont really have any experience yet, maybe i can start it here and have a fresh start.

Reason for being a GM: I want to help people in and out of the game, like when the owner cant be on i am ussually on like when he is asleep or at school help like european people out who play it and stuff. Tell them were to train help them out and all, like if it gets really busy and we are in the top 20s of gtop then it is gonna get like really really busy and you then need more then 1 Owner or GM like they also need some help sometimes.

What would you do as a GM: I would host events if there are enough people on and i have permission of an owner or co owner, like if people are really bored of training and need some rest they can take a break of training with an event and it might be a JQ or T/F

Contact Info: You can add me at an hotmail: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] if you are looking for questions and stuff if you are in need or help.

Wil you quit if demoted / denied: No Why? because my friends are on here and i dont wanna leave them alone just because someone says no they are my friends and friends stay together and you just dont like backstap them and join another server just to be a GM you dont do that if you are a GM.

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Danny´s GM App Empty Re: Danny´s GM App

Post  Smokoro on Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:33 pm

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