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Post  Smokoro on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:25 pm

An ultra event is a series of events that make up one huge one. Basically, if you are on when it is hosted, you will be doing many events, to be the ultra winner. Below is a key to show what everything means & which order the events are going to go.


- Key -

Elimination Round- The Last Person Who Finishes Shall Be Eliminated
Break - A pause in between events so people can rest | go to the bathroom | get a drink.
Team Round - Players will have to team up to finish the event.
Reward Round - The first player who finishes will get a reward
Scrolling - Player gives GM an item & scroll. GM scrolls the item (works 100% | doesn't take slot).


Chronological List Of Events

Jump Quest - Pet Walking Road [Reward Round (2 Cookies)]
Musical Chairs []
Russian Roulette [Elimination Round]
Break - 3 Minutes
Jump Quest - Breath of Lava [Reward Round (1 Cookie)]
True or False [Elimination Round | Reward Round (1 Cookie)]
Snail School - 2 Rounds [Reward Round (1 Cookie)]
Break - 6 Minutes
Jump Quest - Chimney [Elimination Round | Reward Round (Scrolling or 5 Cookies)]


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