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Post  Smokoro on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:45 pm

As of December 18th, 2011. We have added two new features to the forums.

- Aqua Points (AP)
- Forum Ranks

- Aqua Points -

Aqua Points are gained from posting messages & subjects, adding friends, sending PM's & other deeds. These points are not just there though. They shall soon be traded for in game things along with forum achievements. Currently, it's being made so please be patient!


- Forum Ranks -

If you are to be an active forumer and post a lot, you shall be given "ranks". These are just for show and bragging rights, and below you shall see all of the ranks and requirements!

Visitor - 0 Posts
Newbie - 100 Posts
Resident - 300 Posts
Apprentice - 400 Posts
Rookie - 500 Posts
Veteran - 750 Posts
Forumer - 1000 Posts
Forum Whore - 2000 Posts
Hydrologist - 4000 Posts
GM Intern - GM Intern
FM Intern - Forum Mod. Intern
Game Master - Game Master
Forum Moderator - Forum Moderator
Admin - Owners

These ranks are shown beneath your name and soon I might add pics for each one! So stay tuned and vote every 12 hours please and thank you (are the magic words)!

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